Liverpool Chef Smashes Crowdfunding Target

A Liverpool chef has smashed his crowdfunding campaign to open a new restaurant.

Gary Usher, who owns Heswall-based Burnt Truffle , Chester-based Sticky Walnut, and Hispi in Manchester, launched a crowd fund to open a new restaurant Wreckfish Bistro.

A week-long pop-up restaurant was opened on a site in Liverpool’s popular Slater Street in February after which Gary launched a crowdfund target of £200,000 to open the restaurant permanently with a Kickstarter campaign.

Gary said: “It’s always been our hope to bring humble, honest food to neighbourhoods throughout the region – it’s what we did with Sticky and it’s what works so well for us.

“Liverpool holds a special place in my heart, having worked just down the street from where Wreckfish is now. The response to the pop-up we held earlier this year was amazing and made it obvious that this is what people want.

“Opening in a city centre is something new for us, but with the community spirit and neighbourhood feel that Liverpool has, as well as the rise in demand for new restaurants in the area, we know Wreckfish will fit right in.

“There has already amazing support from suppliers and customers, new and old. Now I just now can’t wait to open.”

Set to launch in September 2017, the menu will include signature dishes from the other three restaurants including, braised featherblade, truffle and parmesan chips, the famed chicken liver pâté and a house bread.

New for the restaurant group will be brunch served from 10am during weekends.