Liverpool’s Late Night Levy Approved

ALMR-logoA late-night levy on Liverpool’s bars and clubs is to be introduced following the council voted to approve the plans, and will be trialled for a year.

The levy will be introduced in April 2017 and will help pay for policing in the city centre and street cleaning.

Original proposals to impose a late-night levy charges on up to 800 venues of between £299 and £4,400 were abandoned earlier this year following concerns they would not raise enough revenue to produce “significant improvements”.

The amount charged with a very subject to the rateable value and use of the premises.

Premises with overnight accommodation, theatres, cinemas, bingo halls and village pubs will also be exempt.

Merseyside Police estimate the annual cost of policing the city centre from midnight to 06:00 to be about £540,000.

This move by Liverpool Council follows the decision not to introduce either a Late Night Levy or Early Morning Restriction Order in neighbouring Cheshire.

Cheshire East Council’s Licensing Committee met earlier this week and decided against introducing either measure following a recommendation from the Council’s Licensing Working Group last week.

ALMR Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “This is a very welcome decision from a local authority that has seen the benefits of focusing on partnership schemes and giving its local businesses a chance to thrive.

“The ALMR has been the only national trade body to consistently campaign against blanket introduction of punitive measures such as the Late Night Levy and EMRO that would undermine growth and investment in communities across the country.


“The Government’s own guidance on introducing these measures states that they should only be considered as a last resort, when all other measures have been exhausted. The decision not to introduce these measures on a whim, and to investigate partnership and voluntary schemes in the first instance, shows a degree of common sense that other councils would do well to match.”