“Look To The Past For An Impactful Dessert Offering”, Says Britain’s Leading Purchasing Company And Producer Of BBC’s Saturday Kitchen

ImpactfulClassic desserts can provide businesses with the opportunity to create feelings of nostalgia and resonate with consumers. Britain’s leading purchasing company, Beacon, has worked with its industry leading food suppliers, as well as James Winter, Producer of Saturday Kitchen, to help foodservice operators look to the past to develop an impactful and profitable dessert offering.

Taking insight from James Winter and working with a selection of its industry leading suppliers, including McCain, Premier Foods and Unilever, Beacon has identified dessert trends and influences from the past and present.

Emma Warrington, Senior Food Buyer at Beacon, offers her advice on implementing historic trends for an impactful dessert offering:

Choose dishes that resonate with childhood memories

There is always a passion for the past and operators can capitalise on this to create memorable desserts that really stand out on the menu and connect with customers. Think about dishes from your own childhood and discuss this with members of your team to add personality to your menu – remember local classics too that will create a sense of regionalised speciality to your menu.

Twists on a classic

Whilst capturing the essence of a classic dessert can go a long way with diners, there is a fine line between creating nostalgia and a dish appearing dated. Research from McCain and Unilever shows that Asian and Mexican flavours are emerging flavour trends for 2016 and beyond, so consider introducing modern influences to traditional dishes to bring classics onto the modern menu.

Look at dishes that have stood the test of time

Unilever’s Consumer Omnibus Survey shows that 65% of consumers like to eat dishes out that they either can’t or won’t make at home. This would explain why classic desserts like the soufflé have stood the test of time over the years. Look to these types of dishes to remain as a constant on the dessert menu, as they are easily adaptable as trends shift.

James Winter, Producer of BBC’s Saturday Kitchen and leading food author, commented:

Food has the ability to transport you back to a time of youth and optimism. Indeed, international influence and the availability of ingredients has seen dessert menus evolve over the years, however there will always be room on the menu for classic dessert items such as trifle, soufflé and bread and butter pudding. Operators can really capitalise on the popularity of these classic dishes to leave a lasting impression on diners.

Warrington added:

In the foodservice industry we often see trends come and go. For operators it can be a timely and expensive task to keep up. Working with our expert food suppliers, as well as James Winter as a leading food author, we have been able to identify trends that have appeared continuously over the past 50 years and advise on how these can be utilised in modern kitchens for the most impact. As Bake Off fever hits the nation once again, dessert menus are in the spotlight, so now is a good time for operators to refresh their dessert offering.

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