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Looking For A Convenient Way To Manage Your Busy Summer Periods?

Trent-4With more people coming through the doors to enjoy the good weather and summer events, having enough furniture in place to cater for the waves of sun-kissed customers is a common problem for facilities and catering managers.

But missing out on the extra revenue that summer can bring simply because you haven’t given enough thought to your furnishing is a wasted opportunity. When space is a premium, folding tables and stacking chairs that can be conveniently stored away provide the perfect solution and mean you won’t be turning customers away this summer.

By using folding tables and stacking chairs, eating areas can be transformed to accommodate more people in the blink of an eye, and seasonal events such as the 2018 World Cup can be handled with ease.

From steel to aluminium, gold frames to silver, Trent Furniture stock a wide range of stacking chairs starting from just £13.90 (excl VAT) per chair. Likewise, folding tables come in a selection of sizes, shapes and styles, starting from £32.90 (excl VAT).
View the full range of tables and chairs at www.trentfurniture.co.uk. Call 0116 2985 852 for more information.

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