Looking for Answers To The Ever-Increasing Prices Of Electricity BeerTech’ s SmartCellar Provides Some Good Answers To Reducing Cellar Cooling Costs

The BeerTech SmartCellar is a retrofit device which is connected to the main cellar cooler system. The Smartcellar can then control it to offer savings of around £1,200 a year, while still maintaining the beer in the keg at the correct storage temperature.

BeerTech have now installed this system into over 1,000 sites in the UK with many major brewers, pub companies, individual tenants and freehold sites over the past five years. Given the ongoing rises in electricity costs, this seems a more than interesting product.

Beertech’ s SmartCellar will actually record the exact savings made at each site independently, as well as the reduction in carbon footprint.

A free App. is simply downloaded to a phone, input with the cooler size on site, and the price paid per Kw. This then allows the device to measure the savings made at each premises individually.

When next connected by Bluetooth, the phone will retrieve these savings and generate a report, which is automatically stored on the phone, but is also sent by e-mail from within the App. for storing and saving.

The system will also reduce Carbon emissions by around 1.5 – 2 tonnes per site per year. The carbon offset generated by the device is also worked out by the App., included in the report, and sent to the email address.

BeerTech’s Smartcellar offers a payback period of around half that normally considered to be a good investment, with every penny saved counted by the device itself!