Lords Licensing Act Committee To Quiz Licensing Bodies And Off-Trade

alcoholCommittee to investigate issues of home delivery, street drinking, and under age sales

The House of Lords Licensing Act 2003 Committee will hear from the off-trade and licensing bodies on Tuesday 6 September.

The Licensing Act 2003 set out to provide greater freedom to the hospitality and leisure industry, as well as giving consumers more choice. At the same time the new legislation was intended to grant authorities the appropriate powers to deal with misuse of these freedoms.

Representatives from licensing bodies, such as the Institute of Licensing, and the British Institute of Innkeeping, as well as the off-trade, such as the Association of Convenience Stores, will be asked questions. These could include:

  • How bad is the issue of excessive drinking?
  • Is the availability of super-strength alcohol a concern?
  • Should a minimum unit price be introduced?
  • How is the increase of home delivery and pre-loading having an impact?
  • Does the Licensing Act need to be updated or improved?
  • Do organisations fully understand the Act?

At 10:40am the Committee will hear from Daniel Davies, National Chairman, Institute of Licensing; John Miley, Chair, National Association of Licensing and Enforcement Officers, Marie-Claire Frankie, Licensing Solicitor, National Association of Licensing and Enforcement Officers and Michael Kheng, British Institute of Innkeeping.

Then at 11:30am the Committee will hear from the off-trade, taking evidence from James Lowman, Chief Executive, Association of Convenience Stores; Miles Beale, Chief Executive, Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA); Gill Sherratt, Licensing Consultant for off-licence chains