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Luquel – Revolutionising the World of Water

In the UK we are lucky that the water boards ensure that the water supply into our businesses is healthy to drink. To do that they often have to add chlorine to kill bacterial growth in the pipes. Whilst it does protect us, it can also impact both the taste of our water, and the taste of the food we cook in the water. The taste impact is so huge that many businesses are now purchasing hot taps and dispensers to remove the chlorine taste. That’s a great step forward, but caterers and restaurants can go further.

There are other water dispensers on the market, such as the LUQEL water dispenser. Rather than just using an active carbon filter, this system uses a reverse osmosis filter as well, which removes impurities at a more micro level. The filtration system removes the chlorine through its sediment and carbon filter, but then it also removes smaller bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, medical residues, hormones and micro and nano-plastics, through its RO filter. As we are seeing on many B2B platforms plastics in water is a trending issue that is not going away. It’s not just about the issues of the plastic on our environment, but also about the issue of the micro particles in our bodies.

Unlike other RO filtration systems, the LUQEL system then micro-doses natural mineral salts back into the water creating 30 mineralised waters. The water temperature range can be changed from 4 to 95 o C and the carbonation can also be amended between still, low, medium and high carbonation. Offering a business high quality, great tasting water that they can be sure is cleaned to the highest quality. A mineralised water system that can deliver 30 different tastes, without the need for purchasing, storing and recycling of bottles or cans.

A healthy mineralised water for both our bodies and our businesses. or