, Luxury Mattresses from GlencraftGlencraft is one of the oldest known mattress manufacturers in the United Kingdom. It’s an enterprise that has strived to craft the highest quality products. Founded in Scotland, the company has manufactured mattresses in the North East for over 175 years.

Since 1843, Glencraft have been manufacturing the finest mattresses. Every Glencraft mattress is made by hand with the highest quality materials.

Glencraft has served 4 generations of The Royal Family, 5* Luxury Hotels and family homes for 175 years. Our beds can be found in royal residences, having served four generations of the Royal Family. We are incredibly proud to be a holder of a prestigious Royal Warrant by appointment to Her Majesty The Queen.
You may well have slept in a Glencraft bed in one of the many hotels that we supply around the world. Glencraft mattresses can also be found inside luxury yachts, cruise liners and on the new Caledonian Sleeper train, but it’s the thousands of family homes that are at the core of our business and have been for generations.

We are proud of our long history dating back to 1843, finely crafted products and, most of all, our people. They are ultimately the real source of our strength and success. We trade as a social enterprise and registered charity. Glencraft is a business that strives to create a better, fairer place to work for those who have to overcome incredible personal challenges.

The Features Director of Vogue comments, “A few years ago, staying at the adorable cottages on Carole Bamford’s sprawling Daylesford empire in the Cotswolds, I had such a good night’s sleep that I kept a note of where her best-ever mattresses were from. I’ve been dutifully holding onto this scrap of paper since, so when the moment finally came to buy myself a new one (every eight years people!) it was time to invest. The company is Glencraft, who have a royal warrant because they do the mattresses at Balmoral (fancy). This is not any memory foam nonsense. I ordered a Monarch which has no less than 3000 individual pocket springs in it and is the last word in traditional, handcrafted, Scottish horsehair perfection. I’m not sure I’ve ever been more excited about the arrival of anything. Hand on heart, it is the best night’s sleep you will ever have”.

Visit www.glencraft.luxury, call 01224 873 366 or email orders@glencraft.luxury for further details.