Lyons Promises Clean, Fresh Water For Coffee Growing Communities

LYONS Coffee has made a pledge to help bring fresh clean water to coffee growing communities.

In the run-up to UK Coffee Week (10 – 16 April), Lyons Coffee Bags is on track to raise lots of funds for Project Waterfall after the first year of its laudable charity partnership.

 The coffee brand makes a donation from every pack of coffee bags sold, committing to providing fresh water to 4,000 people in rural coffee growing communities.

 Project Waterfall has brought clean water to more than 24,000 people in Rwanda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda and Nicaragua.

 So far, Lyons has been instrumental in funding a number of projects in coffee growing communities, including bringing clean drinking water and sanitation to the Kibebe Tsehay orphanage in Addis Ababa.

With Addis Ababa being a major hub for coffee exportation, the capital naturally plays a vital part in the country’s coffee supply chain.

 Over the past decade, the city has seen rapid growth due to coffee exchange, which has lead to approximately 100,000 children living on the street with no access to clean drinking water.

 Committed to eradicating this growing problem, Lyons has helped to support a three-fold approach model of Water, Hygiene and Sanitation (WASH), created by Splash International and Project Waterfall.

 As a result of WASH, the Kibebe Tshey orphanage has welcomed a successful water filtration system and a hand washing station, supported by hygiene education clubs.

 As part of the charity partnership, Lyons will also be supporting Project Waterfall throughout UK Coffee Week, a fundraising event, founded and run by Project Waterfall and supported by coffee professionals across the UK.

 Nicole Hartnell, brand manager at Lyons Coffee, said: “We are delighted to see that the funds raised so far have made a real difference, and hope to support many more projects in coffee growing communities over the next two years.

“Project Waterfall is fantastic charity and we hope to see the UK getting involved in the activities during UK Coffee Week to raise even more money for this worthwhile cause.”