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Maidaid – Supplying Professional Catering Equipment for Over 40 Years

Maidaid has a superb range of automatic ice makers providing numerous types and size – ice cubes , granular ice, flake ice or the new and exciting pebbles that are sweeping the market due to its incredible versatility. Pebbles are ideal for cocktails, drinks for serving with fast food and are even ideal for display.

The Maidaid range caters for everyone, from small businesses in need of an attractive, compact model for a small space, through to businesses with large scale demands.

Restaurants, hotels, bars, fish markets and supermarkets, hospitals and laboratories – Maidaid has the perfect product for every application.
What places Maidaid ice machines head and shoulders above the rest is their capacity to repeatedly produce top quality crystal clear ice from the most reliable machines due to the incredible passport that follows a machine during its manufacture and testing process. Being fully tropicalized they continue producing quality ice even under the harshest conditions.

In the interests of hygiene, Maidaid Halcyon are now including a ‘wash hands before use’ label with every Ice Maker supplied, which they suggest is applied to the bin lid where it will be visible to all users.

There is a genuine belief within Maidaid Halcyon that as suppliers of both warewashing and ice makers we truly understand a customer’s needs and strive to assist them with provision of the correct equipment, we are also dedicated to supporting the equipment and the customer throughout its life by offering first class service, technical and spares support.

For details on this and all Maidaid Halcyon products please visit www.maidaid.co.uk.

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