Maintaining good hygiene ensures a safe and clean environment for facility users. Consistent and proactive cleaning reduces the need for intensive deep cleaning, enabling facilities managers to redirect their efforts.

Regular cleaning and disinfecting within facilities help to prevent the build-up of bacteria and doing so in a time efficient manner is key whilst in a busy workplace setting. It is important that routine cleaning and decontamination measures are followed to ensure facility safety is not compromised. This practice guarantees that individuals entering and utilising a hospitality venue enjoy a hygienic and welcoming environment that enhances the likelihood of their future visits.

Running costs and sustainable operations are often top of mind for those in the hospitality sector as operational costs continue to rise. Customers are much more conscious when it comes to the environmental practices of businesses and it’s now becoming a strong factor when choosing who to invest in.

Investing in cleaning and maintenance equipment, particularly within the catering and hospitality sector, could save you time and money in the long run.

Battery-powered cleaning and maintenance solutions allow for a more robust, cost-effective and environmentally friendly cleaning operation due to their cordless design, being quiet and relying less on mains power.

Exceptional Cleaning Quality
Battery powered devices such as the Kärcher Vacuum Cleaner BVL 5/1 Bp Pack allow users to easily remove loose dirt to maintain the premises. Lifting dirt from carpeted flooring, the backpack vacuum cleaner can be used effectively in a matter of seconds to whisk away dirt and maintain the luxury aesthetic.

With its super-lightweight design, the Kärcher BVL 5/1 Bp is worn by the user on their back enabling them to easily clean surfaces without the need for cables to be strewn across the area. Added attachments allow for it to be used on a multitude of surfaces from entrance mats to curtains to keep the lobby area pristine for guests.

Perfecting Cleaning Quietness
Those staying in hotel rooms or frequenting restaurants expect a high-level of cleanliness, however they do not want to be disturbed by loud cleaning appliances. Using battery powered machines can help to reduce noise levels without compromising the performance.

Vacuum cleaners such as the Kärcher T 9/1 Bp have a robust design and emit low-noise levels. The reduced noise output enables cleaners to use them in areas that are open to the public. This is perfect for cleaning corridors and passageways between rooms when dirt may have built up during hours when customers may be sleeping.

Making the move to battery power is about more than pursuing a more sustainable outlook for hospitality venues, battery power should also be top of mind for many companies who are looking to reduce fuel costs, noise and increase productivity. Kärcher’s range of professional battery powered machines offer unique advantages that help to speed up cleaning times and maintain effective cleanliness to suit catering and hospitality businesses of all sizes.