Majority Of Britons Find The Price Of A Pint Unaffordable

beer-2689537_960_720The majority of people in Britain could be struggling to afford drinking beer in pubs, with new research by YouGov[1] revealing that 56% of people surveyed who expressed an opinion believe the price of a pint of beer in a pub in the UK is unaffordable.

Pub pint prices are continuing to rise, with a third of the cost of a pint now made up of various taxes including Beer Duty, Business Rates and VAT.  Pubs are very often at the centre of local communities, playing a key role in supporting personal wellbeing and combating loneliness, but rising prices are driving consumers out of pubs, putting them at risk of closure.

CAMRA is extremely concerned that there is no end in sight, with the Government planning to increase the tax paid by pubs in the November Budget. Current plans will see Beer Duty rise by around 2p per pint, and pubs are set to lose £1,000 in Business Rate Relief, increasing pressure on pubs and driving away consumers.

CAMRA’s National Chairman Jackie Parker said: “It’s no surprise that most people are finding pub pints unaffordable, given the tax burden they’re facing. Beer drinkers will naturally look to more cost-effective ways to enjoy a drink, such as buying from off-licences and supermarkets for home consumption.

“The result is incredibly detrimental to our local communities and to our own personal connectivity. Having a good local makes people happier, better-connected and more trusting. Furthermore, pubs help bring communities together and support the local economy. The reality is that there are very few places that can replicate the benefit provided by our nation’s pubs, and once they’re gone, they’re gone forever.”