LineClenze have the ultimate solution to make any hospitality and licensed on trade environment safe for staff, customers and at the same time protecting the environment.

Our innovative decontamination process involves dis- tributing superfine droplets of disinfectant into the atmosphere, to kill the bacteria and viruses in the air and, when the droplets land on any surface, it also kills the bacteria and viruses on that surface.

DEW Disinfects only active ingredient is the same as our body produces when fighting an infection, so it pres- ents no danger to humans, animals, plants or the environ- ment.

There is no need to evacuate an area being fogged, or to wear PPE.

DEW Disinfect is highly effective at killing bacteria, viruses and fungi, without damaging the environment and it is entirely human-compatible, it can be used almost

everywhere where disinfection or sanitisation is required.

DEW Disinfect leaves NO residue, in fact, it destroys biofilm and hormonal residues, then simply evaporates.

We offer a number of different dispense mechanisms to enable DEW Disinfect to be used throughout your venue. These include:

• Fogging Machine for large areas
• Room Mister
• Vehicle Mister
• Handheld Spray for localised use
• Wall dispensers and small spray bottles for hand sanitisation

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