Management of Online Feedback is Crucial to Hospitality Industry’s Success and Growth

pgp_logoStatistics show that over 200 new contributions are posted on TripAdvisor every minute as posting feedback online increasingly becomes second nature for guests. This growing trend not only reflects guest’s demand for excellence but also makes the case for the importance of gathering, and responding to guest feedback to help drive business growth.

Research from P&G Professional shows that when a hospitality business increases its review/feedback scores by one star on a total rating of 5 stars, that hotel can consequently increase its room price by 11.2 percent and still maintain the same occupancy rate. Additionally, P&G Professional’s research shows that focusing on cleanliness can make a big difference as well: an increase of 1 star rating in the cleanliness category can lead to an overall increase total facility rating by up to 1 star.

With that in mind, P&G Professional compiled a few useful tips for business owners to help them manage online feedback effectively:

• Monitoring online feedback is crucial
o Having a dedicated process to monitor online activity and respond to reviews in a timely manner can help create a positive impression on those reading the reviews.
• Recording guest feedback and reviews to inform business plans and enable changes in establishments is also key.

• Responding to guest feedback is vital. It’s recommended to have a dedicated person check ratings and reviews regularly. Responses to unhappy customers should be genuine and not defensive. More often than not, simply apologizing and thanking the customer for taking the time to share their issues can go a long way. This is your opportunity to turn a potentially negative experience into a positive one, with words of empathy and apology.
• Prepare pre-approved feedback scenarios and draft responses, ready for any negative feedback that needs fast responses.
• Online promotions, involving the giveaway of a gift card in exchange for a review can help boost the number of reviews.
• Never be afraid to ask for a review.
• Speed is of the essence. Always make sure to respond to a bad review in a timely manner.
• The rule of thumb when it comes to online review management is to never sweep bad reviews under the carpet, as ignoring bad reviews is ignoring an opportunity to turn a negative impression around.

Feedback integration
• Paying attention to feedback can lead to positive changes in your establishment, which can lead to repeat business and greater revenue. Seek out trends in the feedback you receive, and make changes accordingly to enhance your guests’ experiences. Use the feedback as a gift to make things better. .
• Never underestimate the power of positive reviews on your employee’s morale! Glowing reviews can boost motivation and efficiency, ultimately benefiting the business overall. Share positive feedback with your staff to praise their work and help them stay motivated.

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