Award-winning service and maintenance provider Marren announce the launch of their own-brand microwave. With 35 years’ experience in this sector, they are well placed to understand the operator pains related to this type of equipment.

An important factor throughout the development phase was a lower overall cost of ownership. To encourage repairs rather than replace the microwave when a breakdown occurs.

A comparison with similar models highlighted the savings. To do this Marren looked at the top 10 replacement parts of a number of leading comparable microwaves and compared them against their new Marren ISM-1800 model. The results showed a significant cost reduction of between 40 to 80%.

There has certainly been an increased focus on sustainability across the foodservice industry. So with more financially viable repairs possible, it’s good to know this type of equipment will stay out of our landfill for longer.

The new Marren ISM-1800 microwave is backed by a manufacturer’s 3-year on-site warranty and delivers a number of key benefits. To find out more visit

To celebrate the launch and in recognition to Marren’s commitment to the environment, for every microwave sold, funds will be donated to the World Land Trust to plant a tree. A Buy One Get One Tree offer so to speak, which will help mitigate their environmental impact.