Maximising Profits During Peak Tourism Season

visitenglandThe arrival of summer means a great spike in tourism, which is music to the ears of owners of pubs and bars, the restaurant business and hospitality in general.

The UK tourism industry generates an estimated £106 billion each year, as estimated by Visit England.

How can you make the most of the surge in tourism, and maximise your profits in peak season? We’ve compiled a guide to maximising your profits during this peak tourism season, with the help of Nisbets Catering Supplies.

Pub, bar and brewery owners

The summer tourist season gives you a great opportunity to get people into your pub, for a good British knees-up.

With the renaissance of craft ales and ciders upon us, potential customers are likely to be looking for some of that in your venue – so get a couple of guest taps on offer. You could go for a local brewery, or try something from the other end of the country.

You could also look at arranging events for throughout the summer. Book musicians that suit your establishment, and promote them online through your social channels. Making your premises into a gig venue is a great way to draw in those visiting your city for the weekend.

Own a brewery? You could try out holding tours and taster sessions to showcase your finest products and demonstrate your expertise.

Restaurant and café owners

Holidaymakers will always like to try out the local cuisine, so making the most of the chance of tourists visiting your café or restaurants is essential in the summer months. First though, you need to find a way to draw the tourists to your premises!

Pique their curiosity by promoting local cuisines (a special fish dish, if you’re by the sea, for example) and delicacies – is your area famous for a certain cheese? Ale? Pie? Make sure it’s on offer in some form. Celebrate what makes your hometown great, and visitors won’t be able to resist getting involved too.

If you specialise in local produce, you could always take it one step further and host a cooking demonstration or class, demonstrating to tourists how to make your produce at home.

Hosting an afternoon tea in your café or restaurant is also a great draw for tourists; it’s extremely traditional and indulgent, making it just what people are looking for when they’re on holiday.

Hotel and bed & breakfast owners

People on holiday will of course need somewhere to stay while they are visiting new places, making it a particularly lucrative time for hotel and business owners.

To make the most of your hotel or B&B being full, you need to think of the customers you’re trying to attract. What do they usually like doing? Why are they visiting?

Whether you attract older or younger guests, for a party or relaxed-style holiday, you can cater the experience at the hotel to suit them. Arrange entertainment nights suited to your customers, as ways of encouraging them to stay there in the evenings. Organise trips from the hotel to tourist hotspots, and give everyone the benefit of your experience.

Whatever you are organising to maximise your profits during this time, make sure everything is promoted via tourist websites and local tourist centres! Find more about this, and the topics discussed here, in the original article on the Nisbets catering supplies site.