Measuring Confidence And Costs – 12th ALMR Christie & Co Benchmarking Report

Kate Nicholls
Kate Nicholls, CEO of the ALMR.

The ALMR is today launching the survey for the twelfth edition of the ALMR Christie & Co benchmarking report and is urging businesses from across the UK’s eating and drinking out sector to take part.

The annual report provides a complete overview of operating costs for pubs, bars, nightclubs and restaurants and is used extensively by the ALMR in its lobbying efforts. Past Benchmarking Reports have been used to effectively influence policy on issues such as Service Charge, National Living Wage, business rates reform, PPL proposals and changes to gaming machine stakes and prizes. It is recognised by Government and RICS as providing accurate information on rental valuations for commercial and industry leases.  

The twelfth edition of the report’s survey will, for a second year, include an additional section seeking information on business confidence following the EU referendum, to demonstrate any changes in the sector’s outlook as the UK prepares to leave the EU.

ALMR Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “The Benchmarking Report is a very valuable resource for the sector and one of the ALMR’s most reliable and effective weapons when it comes to dealing with authorities. The report provides a clear and accurate breakdown of the costs of doing business in the eating and drinking out sector. This data is vital if we want to communicate our message to the Government and secure support that gives businesses an opportunity to invest and grow.

“This version of the report survey also contains an additional section seeking input on business confidence regarding Brexit. We first included this section last year and it has been incredibly useful to see how employers have been reacting to the ongoing developments. We have included it once more as robust feedback from businesses is going to be vital if we are hope to secure a deal for our vital sector.”

Neil Morgan, Managing Director – Pubs & Restaurants at Christie & Co adds: “We are delighted to continue to support the ALMR Christie & Co Benchmarking Report for the fourth year. Last year’s report reflected the continuing evolution of the UK consumer landscape while highlighting the potential political and economic pressures which are threatening some operators. As the sector faces various headwinds we urge all ALMR members, as well as non-members, to participate in the survey to give a comprehensive view of the market which can be used to understand and combat these operational pressures.”