Meet the Hands-Free Alcoholic Drinks Vending Machine from VendEase

A new touch- free alcoholic drinks vending machine from VendEase enables the newly opened hospitality industry to offer a bar service that keeps staff and customers safe post lockdown.

VendEase has announced an innovative, age verified, alcoholic drinks vending machine, which is set to help the hospitality industry keep people safe and socially distance as hotels, pubs and cafes open their doors in a new, post lockdown landscape.

The machine from VendEase minimises guest contact points and enables safe distancing by allowing purchases to be made via a mobile phone.The customer scans a QR code, which then produces a visual interface that can be operated from their screen.The drink is then dispensed into a delivery tray that has been treated with a special sterilising coating that also prevents bacteria and viruses taking hold.

The touch-free machine uses a piece of software that allows for age control, meaning drinks cannot be bought by anyone who is underage. Guests are issued with a PIN code or a dedicated fob that unlocks the alcoholic selections in the machine.

VendEase already supplies UK hotels with vending units that provide everyday essentials, snacks and ready meals and the new touch free alcoholic drinks machine can also be used to dispense these items, allowing out- lets to keep profits from alcohol sales.

The 42” HD Screen on the unit can also be used to interact with 3rd party service providers (gym’s, ticket sales, car parking, tourist attractions etc), which provides an additional revenue stream over and above alcohol sales.

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