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MemSec™ EPoS – User-Friendly & Feature-Rich EPoS System for the Hospitality Trade

MemSec™ EPos produce one of the most user-friendly yet feature-rich EPoS systems currently available to the hospitality industry.

For over 25 years, MemSec™ EPoS has provided IT solutions to customers in the hospitality industry. We provide each customer with a system tailored to their individual requirements, at a competitive price.

One of the most important factors in MemSec™ EPoS’s approach to systems development is the recognition of the types of users our customers are likely to employ. Unlike in an office environment, hospitality staff cannot be expected to be computer literate, and staff turnover levels can be high.

We therefore design our programs to be useable with the minimum amount of training, and by staff of all ages and abilities.

As well as providing software that users love, we install all the requisite hardware to ensure that you get the best from our programs. Various configurations are available to suit your requirements, and all are available via rental or purchase schemes.

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