Menu Calorie Labelling Must Be Proportionate

UKHospitality-LogoUKHospitality has lent its support to Government efforts to provide customers with nutritional information. The trade body has also emphasised that any mandatory calorie labelling on menus must be flexible and proportionate for businesses.

UKHospitality Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “The sector is supportive of efforts to give our customers information to guide them, and are already committed to existing sugar, salt and calorie reduction targets. Businesses including our members have already taken proactive steps on a voluntary basis to offer calorie information their menus.

“We are very happy to work closely with the Government to achieve its aims of promoting healthier attitudes to food. However, any legislation the Government wishes to introduce must be workable, practical and proportionate, and it must take into account the enormous variety in the way venues do business.

“Any legislative approach must be flexible if it to be applied easily and effectively by businesses. Otherwise, it could have the unintended consequence of adding burdens and undermining a venues’ ability to provide timely information.”