Michael Gove Speech – BBPA Comments On Deposit Schemes

Commenting on today’s announcement by Michael Gove that the Government is inviting views on how reward and return schemes for drinks containers could work in England by issuing a call for evidence, Brigid Simmonds, BBPA Chief Executive, said.

“We will certainly be providing evidence as part of this process and will work with Government to find solutions, as we have longstanding concerns about mandatory deposit schemes

“In many cases, such schemes won’t be the most efficient way of supporting recycling. Supporting existing local recycling schemes is likely to deliver better results.

“A mandatory deposit scheme could be very costly and would be end up being funded by consumers and businesses.  There are real concerns that small premises like pubs and shops do not have the storage space and we need to ensure that issues like this are fully considered and that the carbon generated to return the deposits is not greater than the benefit of the recycling.”