In most hospitality businesses the commercial microwave oven has become a useful tool.

In most kitchens the interior (cavity) of microwaves can suffer from splashes and spills which means that food particles can be left on the ceiling plate, base plate, sides, back, base and lens light cover which, unfortunately, if not cleaned off can start to deteriorate the cavity causing burning and damage which intern can cause break downs of parts not included in the manufacturer’s warranty.

This is where the invention by Regale Microwave Ovens in Hampshire comes in! The directors of the company saw the problems and spent over two years researching and developing the now sought after Microsave® Cavity Liner.

The Microsave protects the entire of the microwave’s oven cavity – the ceiling plate – the base plate and lens light cover! All the operator has to do is take the Microsave Liner out, wash quickly in the pot wash, dry and replace and that is the microwave oven interior clean, hygienic and protecting the parts in the matter of two or three minutes – saving hundreds of pounds in repairs yet costing less than one engineer service call!

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