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Miko Coffee Judges The ‘Best Barista’ Finals In The English Italian Awards 2015

Miko Coffee JudgesRenowned coffee company Miko is back to sponsor the English Italian Awards 2015, and for the first time has been asked to judge the finalists in the ‘Best Barista’ category.

The Italian Awards began two years ago in Scotland, and are being brought to England for the first time this year. The awards celebrate the English Italian community and their passion for excellent food and drink. The public vote for the nominations in each category, which range from ‘Best Pizzeria’ to ‘English Italian Chef of the Year’. Then a panel of expert judges decides on the winner.

Since the awards began, Miko has been sponsoring them alongside Portioli, a coveted Italian coffee brand and one of Miko’s most distinguished suppliers. This year the Miko team was asked to judge as well, so on September 15th, at Miko’s training hub in Sheffield the seven finalists were put through their paces in the ‘Best Barista’ competition. The finalists competing were Nonnas Sheffield Ltd, Enzo Nantwich, Al Porto Hull, Paolo & Donato’s Deli, Caffe Venecia, Panis Cafe and Casanova. The Miko team was judging the finalists to UK Barista Master Standards, which means their coffee making skills had to be first rate.

“We were very impressed with the professionalism, quality and level of skills displayed,” said Simon Speed-Andrews, Head of Training and Product Development at Miko and one of the ‘Best Barista’ judges. “It shows that the quality of coffee being served in the UK is constantly improving and the baristas are continuing to strive for perfection and should be applauded.”

Miko and Portioli will be attending the Gala Final of the English Italian Awards on October 4th at The Palace Ballroom in Manchester, when the winners of the ‘Best Barista’ category will be announced.

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