Mis Amigos Chocolate Cream and Strawberry Cream Tequila Sells Out in 48 Hours

Mis Amigos Chocolate Cream and Strawberry Cream Tequila, two Tequila-based cream liqueurs which were unveiled launched by G&I Spirit Group last November and went on sale in January sold out within a staggering 48 hour period!

After receiving the first shipment of 3100 bottles, 1000 of the strawberry-flavoured variant and 2100 of the chocolate cream Tequila, the entire consignment sold 48 hours after release which meant that the company had to quickly order a second shipment of the two popular cream liqueurs.

Gina Duke, spirit development director at G&I Spirit Group, said: “We are overwhelmed by the response we are, and have been, receiving. We focus as a company on not only amazing products but on fantastic customer service.

“We are currently working with some high-profile customers that have taken us under their wings. It’s a great vote of confidence in our brands to be where we are after three years of development and only having our brands in the market place now for a little over seven months. Following on in the spring of 2020 we will be releasing three new Tequila lines in the Mis Amigos range.”

As well as its two Tequila-based cream liqueurs, the G&I Spirit Group portfolio also includes 88 Gin, Jillions Gin, Vodka 88 and three other bottlings in the Mis Amigos range.