Mitchell & Cooper Ltd. was established in 1879 and remains a family enterprise to date. We are the fourth generation of Cooper’s designing, manufacturing and distributing light catering equipment for professional use in the hospitality sector. Mitchell & Cooper Ltd. is home to the world renowned Bonzer brand including the kitchen workhorse, the Bonzer Can Opener, the staple portion control range, dispensing solutions and well established professional bar equipment.

Over the past 142 years Mitchell & Cooper Ltd. has proved its ability to adapt and respond to its customers’ needs and requirements, always with a personal and approachable touch. Key to this success has not only been through its grounded and established Bonzer roots, but its strong partnerships with other leading manufacturers, including, Zeroll, KitchenAid, Matfer, Bourgeat, Hotmix, Excalibur, Nemox, Bamix, Deglon, Kisag, Burnguard.

We have always had a passion for innovative product design that stands the test of time.This philosophy and attention to detail remain at the heart of everything we do.