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Mixologist’s Garden: The Rising Sensation Among UK Bartenders

Mixologist’s Garden, a revolutionary concept in the world of garnishes for professionals, is rapidly gaining popularity among bartenders across the United Kingdom. With its innovative freeze-dried technology, Mixologist’s Garden has emerged as the go-to resource for bartenders seeking to create unique and extraordinary drink experiences.

The Mixologist’s Garden garnishes come in various Berries and Citrus to complement a wide range of cocktails and drinks. The brand’s products are all-natural, vegan-friendly, gluten-free and without any preservatives ensuring that everyone enjoys them, while freeze-drying technology offers months of ambient shelf-life for bars.

The response from bartenders has been overwhelmingly positive, with many praising Mixologist’s Garden for its commitment to quality and sustainability.

“Our mission is to empower bartenders to create the Perfect Serve and delight their customers,” said Stuart Findlater, business director of Mixologist’s Garden. “We are thrilled to see the enthusiasm and passion that UK bartenders have embraced our concept with. It’s incredible witnessing how our carefully curated selection transforms cocktail menus nationwide.”

Mixologist’s Garden partnered with the most modern freeze-drying producers to achieve the highest quality. “We focus on quality at every stage of the process to deliver freeze-dried fruit suitable for delivering Perfect Serves.”

Consumer research conducted in 2021 showed that over 80% of consumers prefer bars that pay special attention to making the Perfect Serve, whereas, in reality, only 42% of bars have any berries.

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