National Steak Day Launched to Coincide with British Beef Week

Hospitality foodservice businesses are being urged to sign up to the first National Steak Day. The initiative, launched early this month by American steak restaurant chain Smith & Wollensky, will take place on Thursday, 25 April during British Beef Week.

Founder of National Steak Day, Nathan Evans says, “We want to celebrate quality meat and quality steak. We appreciate that both environmentally and for health reasons we need to be eating less red meat but the message we want to communicate is that if you are going to be eating meat you should be consuming the best of the best.”

“We created this day to showcase the quality and excellence in our industry to rally together to support steak businesses across London, the U.K. and the Republic of Ireland. ”

“With the likes of World Porridge Day and National Doughnut Week in existence, it seems strange that we do not currently have a National Steak Day. ”

National Steak Day will bring together the top steak restaurants across London, the U.K. and the Republic of Ireland to cement this day in the nation’s minds. By creating an alliance with other renowned steak restaurants, they will ensure that lovers of steak receive only the best and most exciting steak available.

To be part of National Steak Day foodservice outlets must offer one steak on their menu at a 25% discount for the day or a special menu with added value for the customer.

Steak businesses will receive their own dedicated page which will showcase their steak offerings. The website will be available all year round with participants being able to add menus and news throughout the year. The website is set to fully launch on Monday 15 March.

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