Natural swimming pools combine the best of swimming pools and beautifully landscaped ponds to promote a sense of well-being and relaxation.

A dual filtration and pumping system along with the natural filters from aquatic and marginal plants rooted within gravel and shingle banks create a pure water swimming experience unrivalled by its chemically loaded counterparts.

Whilst you feel you are swimming amongst the beautiful planting, the dividing wall means that plants and wildlife are left undisturbed.These plants are carefully selected using native species to create colour and contrast, combined with their ability for filtration and absorbing nutrients leaving nothing behind for algae or bacteria.

Natural pools are a great way to swim or just enjoy the scenery around you. Our aim is to promote Matthew Stewart natural swimming pools using a tai- lored design service to allow the construction of a bespoke swimming pool to suit all of your requirements and budget.

Matthew Stewart has over 30 years landscape experi- ence and offers a complete design and build service for your natural swimming pool.

You can be assured of a comprehensive service and exquisite results. Each project has its own unique crite- ria and as such our service will be tailored to your needs.

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