New CGA Report Highlights Restaurant Wine Sales Potential

Consumers who eat out at casual dining restaurants are three times more likely to recommend the brand to a friend if the quality of the wine they drink is very good, an exclusive new report from CGA Strategy reveals.

The ‘Wine and Casual Dining’ research highlights the significant opportunity for restaurants to increase their wine sales. It shows that half (51%) of consumers who visit casual dining brands drink wine out of home—but fewer than one in seven (14%) of the drinks that restaurants sell are wine of any variety.

The report also suggests a need for restaurants and suppliers to improve the quality and range of their wine offers. Only a quarter (25%) of consumers think the wine they drink at casual dining restaurants is ‘very good’—placing it 17th of 18 different drinks categories measured by CGA. As well as being 3.1 times more likely to recommend the outlet, this group of wine drinkers is much more inclined to revisit the relevant restaurant themselves.

The rapid expansion of Britain’s casual dining restaurant groups presents huge prospects for wine producers and suppliers, the report indicates. Separate CGA Peach research shows that the number of restaurants in the country has increased by more than a fifth (21%) since 2011.

‘Wine and Casual Dining’ is the first in a series of four unique reports to be published by CGA Strategy before the end of the year. Future reports, which can be purchased individually or as a set, will provide advice on wine menu optimisation, analysis of the premium end of the market and comparisons of wine trends in the UK and US. The research is based on interviews with more than 8,000 wine drinkers and CGA’s industry-leading On Premise Measurement service, and is enhanced by commentary from wine experts gathered by Richard Siddle, co-founder and editor of wine industry website The Buyer. Together the reports form a holistic view of the out-of-home wine market, drawing on unrivalled data and expert knowledge.

Mark Newton, senior category development manager for wine at CGA Strategy, said: “This research shows the huge potential for producers, suppliers and restaurants to grow wine sales. Our combination of authoritative data and skilled insight can help teams understand the key consumer trends and issues, recognise opportunities and unlock potential.”