New Landlords Have Fun in The Sun

New pub landlords are planning to have fun in The Sun after taking over behind the bar at one of Swindon’s landmark pubs, located at Coate Water, Swindon.

James and Theresa Bell want to create a social hub at the pub, especially for Badbury Park, where close to 1000 new homes have been built, creating a whole new community for South Swindon – located almost next door to the pub.

“The Sun is a traditional Swindon pub which has served the residents of Coate Water, Dorcan, Walcot and Marlborough Road for years. Now we’re welcoming Badbury Park into our community, there’s definitely room for everyone, and we’re right in the middle,” says Theresa.

Experienced chef James has enjoyed a successful career, including working as executive chef at Nationwide Building Society in Swindon and also at the Defence Academy, Shrivenham. Theresa’s career is in facilities management. This is the couple’s first pub, and along with their own ideas for activities and events at the pub, they’re also welcoming ideas from their customers.

“James and I have spent years in the hospitality industry and we love the feeling of being in a friendly community. We’ve also lived in and around Swindon for many years, our family and friends are all here – so the pub has to be a place where we’d like to be, and that makes it more comfortable for our customers too.”

From Wednesday jazz nights, to Sunday night guest chefs and a weekly ‘gin journey’, the couple are already starting to make their mark on the pub, but The Sun is big enough for a quiet drink away from the crowds too, they say.

“The Sun at Coate Water is a landmark town pub, because of where it is and the colour and size of the building – it’s pretty impressive,” says Theresa. “We’ve commuted past it for years, and I can’t quite believe that it’s now ours to develop and run.”

“Most of all we want to give those living in this area a place they can call their own.”