A big bake from a small space is promised with the new high-speed Moretti Forni S50E professional electric oven for pizza, bakery, and pastry, available from Pizza Equipment Ltd.

Perfect for pubs, bistros, and cafés, as well as pastry shops and bakeries looking to expand their business, the S50E may be one of the most compact ovens on the market but its small size belies its big performance.

Packing all the power and advantages of the larger models in the S series into a unit measuring just 890mm(w) x 1210mm(d) x 360mm(h), the small but hardworking oven reaches a maximum temperature of 450°C and promises energy savings in excess of 35% thanks to patented Eco-Standby™ and Half-Load™ functions, plus the special Adaptive-Power® technology that regulates energy output according to the workload to produce a perfect bake without waste.

Super-efficient insulation and versatile programming options add to the oven’s solid eco credentials, while the auto cleaning function that uses only heat and no chemicals also saves time and resources.

All S series ovens come with a wide range of accessories and can be customised with specific baking chambers for pizza, bread, and pastry to suit the outlet.

For further information on the Moretti Forni S50E, or other lines in the Pizza Equipment portfolio,please visit www.pizzaequipment.ltd.uk, contact Daniel Phillips on 0208 424 9483, email daniel@pizzaequipment.ltd.uk