SAM4S, a leading manufacturer of store automation products, is happy to introduce you the brand new products in 2022.

We are going to launch New CPU based on mainboard 7th generation Elkhart Lake J6412 for PC POS lineups. It is 2.5 times higher in benchmark score comparing to 4th generation Baytrail J1900 CPU. We will apply new mainboard to our current main POS products, TITAN-S series and Forza series. We also plan to introduce new style stand on TITAN-S model to offer various options for customers.

With the growing demands on self-ordering KIOSK products, we are offering diverse choices to customer for different working environment.
To start with, we have SK series KIOSK in 15” & 21.5” PCAP Touch screen with J1900/Elkhart J6412/Core i3 & i5 CPU supported. It is equipped with 3” printer, 2D barcode scanner &WIFI available. We have also slimmer type of SK series which fit better for compact and confined environment.

Secondly, we are newly introducing Compact KIOSK using our POS system. You can have various options in screen size of 15”, 15.6” and 18.5” with low-end CPU Celeron N2807, N3160, J1900 and Elkhart J6412 to high-end CPU Core series. It is All-in-one KIOSK with 3” printer integrated in compact size and small foot Stand allowing space flexibility. In addition, it has price competitiveness than general type of self-ordering KIOSK.

Lastly, we are preparing completely new design of 21.5” KIOSK with user-friendly shape which is to be launched in 2nd half of 2022.

Due to global pandemic, the demand for contactless product such as Kiosk for self-ordering & self-checkout has increased rapidly. SAM4S KIOSK would be the perfect solution for your choice.