New Revitalisation Project Member Survey Launched

camraCAMRA’s Revitalisation Project has reached its halfway point with a second survey being launched to get more detail about members’ views on the future direction of the Campaign.

More than 20,000 members have completed the initial survey and more than 1,000 have made their views known at around 25 consultation meetings across the UK.
The first survey and the consultation meetings have shown members hold a wide range of opinions on who CAMRA should represent and how it should go about representing them. With another 20 members’ meetings still to come, it’s likely that the range of opinions will continue to grow.

In addition to talking to members about CAMRA’s future direction, the Revitalisation Project steering committee has talked to people who work in and around the pub and brewing industries, as well as to politicians.

The committee has commissioned analysis on the key economic, political and social developments that influence the world that CAMRA operates in. This includes the threats and opportunities presented by changes in society, in consumer spending habits, in the way people socialise, developments in brewing technology and how we are likely to be affected by anti-alcohol campaigning and a changing attitude to health risks.

Despite the wide range of opinions and factors for the committee to consider, several key issues have been highlighted which need to be explored with further consultation, of which the survey launched in August is the first part.

Committee chairman Michael Hardman said: “We’ve got some big questions to tackle. Should CAMRA continue to support and promote real cider and perry, or would both campaigns benefit from being run separately? Is it better to focus our campaigning on real ale, or do we need to widen our support to other types of beer to follow developments in consumer trends and brewing technology? Do we limit our campaigning to encouraging the drinking of beer in pubs and clubs only, or would it support the brewing industry more effectively to stretch our activity to advocating buying and drinking beer in a wide variety of different establishments?

“Only you, our members, can help the steering committee refine the proposals it will make for the future direction of CAMRA. We need to know where CAMRA should position itself in relation to the type of drink it advocates and the places where it encourages people to drink.

“Throughout this process your views as members have been fundamental and will continue to be. The information you give us will help the committee construct detailed proposals to present to the National Executive, with the membership having the final say when it votes on a proposal at CAMRA’s Members’ Weekend in Bournemouth in April 2017.”

CAMRA members are invited to complete the survey by clicking here.