No Evidence Minimum Pricing Will Deliver On Objectives

ALMR-logoThe ALMR has voiced concerns about the Scottish Government’s decision to introduce minimum unit pricing for alcohol, despite no evidence that it will deliver on its objectives.

Scotland’s Court of Session last week gave the Scottish Government approval to introduce the measure.

ALMR Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “The ALMR has echoed the UK Government’s sentiments that any introduction of minimum unit pricing must be evidence-based and provide certainty that it will deliver on addressing alcohol-related harms.

“The Scottish Government has introduced MUP without providing conclusive evidence that the policy will lead to a reduction in consumption of alcohol and a reduction in alcohol-related harms, which, ultimately, is its aim.

“Pubs and bars in Scotland will now face an increase in costs without any reassurance that this additional financial burden will be effective in addressing the Scottish Government’s objectives.

“The ALMR has repeatedly pointed to falling levels of alcohol consumption and a shift in drinking habits which favours unsupervised drinking of off-trade alcohol that can be bought very cheaply. This year we have seen beer sales in the off-trade overtake beer sales in the on-trade and yet pubs and bars will still be forced to bear this indiscriminate financial burden and additional, unnecessary level of bureaucracy.”