Northumberland Firm Helping to Clear the Path Out of Covid-19 Lockdown with Environmentally-Friendly Fogging Range

Hospitality businesses will be able to offer customers an extra layer of reassurance thanks to Northumberland company Clear Fog’s newly launched collection of environmentally-friendly fogging systems.

The process of fogging – the use of a fine mist or ‘fog’ to quickly and effectively disinfect surfaces and surroundings – looks set to become commonplace across all indoor public settings in the coming weeks and months as businesses from all sectors begin to come out of the Covid-19 lockdown.

Promising to eliminate Covid-19 from indoor environments of all sizes, the Clear Fog range allows businesses and homeowners to take charge of their own fogging procedures by equipping them directly with industry standard kit.

As business owners across the UK commit to making their premises Covid-19 secure and give confidence to customers, staff and visitors that their surroundings are as protected as they can be, Clear Fog offers an environmentally safe and cost effective option.

The Clear Fog systems, which range from large-scale trolley-based equipment to pocket-sized units, use Clear Fog Liquid Disinfectant (CFLD), an electrochemically activated solution (ECAS) produced by the electrolysis of tap water and saline.

Used extensively in the food industry, this environmentally-friendly solution is harmless to humans but deadly to bacteria and viruses, making it an invaluable addition to hygiene protocols in a post-lockdown world.

Orders from across the North East and wider UK are already keeping the Clear Fog team busy as hospitality and entertainment businesses prepare to reopen their doors at the beginning of July.

Clear Fog founder and director, Charlie Benson, said: “As the hospitality sector begins to open up, consumer confidence is going to be absolutely paramount.

“Public-facing businesses across all sectors are looking to find effective and efficient methods of reassuring customers, staff and visitors that as much as is practically possible is being done to minimise exposure to Covid-19 and make their environment as safe as it can be.

“We’ve had a flood of orders and enquiries since the Government confirmed the further lockdown relaxations on July 4th, and can guarantee UK delivery of your selected Clear Fog system within days.”

Clear Fog offers customers three options:

  • The industrial Dry Fogging trolley unit can fog up to 500 cubic metres in just 30 minutes – perfect for large venue spaces, sports halls, conference centres etc;
  • The handheld CF35 is used in conjunction with regular cleaning and applies the anti-bacteria/anti-viral CFLD to all spaces and surfaces including hard-to-reach places. This is the popular choice for pubs, bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels, B&Bs, Holiday lets, retail, offices, hairdressing salons and private residences.
  • The mini-diffuser is ideal for personal protection throughout the day, whether at work, at home or out and about. Refillable and rechargeable, the pocket-sized unit allows the user to apply a fogging layer of CFLD to anything they are using – steering wheels, chip and pin machines, door handles, telephone receivers, cash, pens, cutlery

Charlie continued: “Clear Fog was set up to be part of the living with Covid-19 solution – helping businesses and consumers clear the fog of lockdown and shape the new normal we will all be getting used to.

“The environmentally friendly nature of the Clear Fog system means we can also offer further reassurance in terms of the actual disinfectant being used to make the premises Covid-19 secure.

“While the CFLD solution is completely harmless to humans, it kills the virus within seconds of coming into contact with it. This means you could finish fogging a café, restaurant, pub or hotel room and immediately open it to customers.”

The Twice Brewed Inn, a popular pub and B&B on Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland was one of Clear Fog’s first customers.

Manager, Steve Blair, said: “We’ve been working towards reopening to customers at the beginning of July and have obviously been looking at ways which will allow guests to feel confident when visiting The Twice Brewed, and our team to feel safe while at work.

“The Clear Fog system will be an essential part of making the pub, restaurant, tap room and guest bedrooms Covid-secure; reassuring everyone who comes here that everything practically possible is being done to keep them safe, well and having a good time.”

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