Oakman Inns Raises Over £20,000 For Italian Red Cross And Earthquake Relief #Eatforitaly

oakmanOakman Inns & Restaurants, the operators of 16 pubs across The Midlands and Southern England are sending a cheque for a staggering £20,744 to The Italian Red Cross to support their relief efforts in Amatrice and the surrounding areas.

The money was raised directly from the net sale of the pub’s Pizza and Pasta dishes and will provide some respite for the hard-pressed victims and their families.

Because of its strong connections with Italy, the pub group decided to raise the money as soon as the full devastation became apparent.

Using the social media hashtag,  #EatForItaly, customers were encouraged to show their support over three days by ordering a pizza or pasta dish instead of one of the pub’s other 40+ dishes as Oakman Inns’ CEO, Peter Borg-Neal, commented: “It was very touching to see the support that so many of our customers gave the campaign and they all deserve a huge round of applause for their support as the final result has exceeded our expectations.”