Out Of Home Breakfast & Brunch Trends Revealed

Britons spend on average £13 billion a year dining out for breakfast, and with current growth at just under 1% its making headlines as the fastest growing eating out day-part in the total Eating out Market. As consumers lifestyles get consistently busier, we’re continuing to see the blurring of meal times with many consumers now undertaking a ‘brunch’ option or an all-day heartier breakfast when dining out. Foodservice bakery Kara has been monitoring the latest day-part trends and menus to make sure customers have the right range for this ever growing breakfast and brunch.

Millennials are a key consumer at breakfast and brunch, with 40% of millennials sporadically choosing to avoid gluten as a lifestyle choice it’s important for vendors to know their consumers wants and needs. Kara has partnered with Britain’s favourite Gluten Free brand Genius, to bring a wealth of gluten free products to the foodservice arena.  With American cuisine still dominating the UK, sweet Pancakes are proving to be a popular menu choice, up 32% from 2015.

With 65% of food-to-go menus now offering breakfast Kara has also stressed the importance of the classics, with bacon and sausage baps still flourishing, up 2.1% this year; a well established trend, that isn’t slowing down any time soon, adding that a main ingredient to offer on a loaded dish is an egg option; scrambled, boiled, or poached there all packed full of protein and with egg consumption up 18% this year; this will keep brunch menus on trend!