, Ozocube™ Set to Revolutionise Odour and Grease Control in Food ServiceFood Service kitchen ventilation specialists CK Direct have developed the Ozocube™ Grease and Odour removal system, which has undergone significant performance testing.

These tests carried out by an Internationally recognised test house with UKAS /UVDB /STA /ISO 9001 accreditations was to confirm that the Ozocube™ performs equally and, in some cases better than ESP and Carbon blocks.

Explaining the potential impact of Ozocube™ and benefits to food service operators, CK Direct Managing Director, Tony Ricciardi informs:

“We have spent four years and significant investment developing and testing the compact, energy and space saving, Ozocube™, which can be fitted to existing ventilation systems and specified in new installations.”

The Ozocube™ is a single application product that treats both grease and odour in combination, unlike ESP and carbon blocks which are fitted separately. Ozocube™ can reduce up to 89% of odour and rancid grease smells. It significantly reduces fire risks by preventing grease build-up and actively extends the operational life of food service kitchen ventilation systems.
Tony is confident that further testing, due to be carried out in October 2018 will confirm that Ozocube™ will remove 95% of odour and grease to match the capabilities of current ESP and Carbon Filtration Systems.

Tony confirms the impact that will have on the industry:

“This is truly ground-breaking because the use of (Trioxygen) nature’s powerful oxidiser and key components inside the Ozocube™ have never been used before in relation to simultaneous grease and odour combat, turning both into vapour.”
Ozocube™ has already been shortlisted for an Innovation Award (Kitchen Category) at the Restaurant & Takeaway Expo and it’s easy to see why.

The CK Direct Ozocube™ is a high efficiency ozone generator unit, ideal for use in commercial kitchens, food processing plants and factories.

For further information about the Ozocube™ visit www.ckdirect.co.uk/product/ozocube/