Panasonic Helps Riverford Butchery Lower its Carbon Footprint

Riverford Organic Farm was looking to increase sustainability in refrigeration at its new butchery in Devon. Installer, Neil McCourt of Keep it Cool, sought the advice of refrigeration specialist, Mervin Chumun at Hawco Ltd, and together specified four 10HP Panasonic Coldchain Refrigeration units to provide the best solution for the Riverford Butchery’s requirements.

Neil McCourt of Keep it Cool, “The main challenge was to keep the rest of the butchery running whilst the expansion was happening. Panasonic cold chain technology was specified because of Panasonic’s sustainable and environmental credentials. I know the company invests in research is leading the way in this area.”

Riverford Organic Farm deliver to over 80,000 homes across the UK. Nigel Bower, Facilities and Property Manager at Riverford commented, “We are looking to make significant in-roads by 2030 to drive down our carbon footprint, especially within our refrigeration requirements.”

Having reviewed several options, the Panasonic (R744) Cold chain units proved the best option for Riverford. Nigel explains: “We chose the Panasonic units as the best natural refrigeration solution, it offers the best stability and the environmental credentials, along with delivering a low energy usage and fitted with what we wanted to achieve. Energy usage is going down and the system is so far performing as we expected to achieve what we wanted to keep a stable environment and reduce our costs – so all good.”

Mervin Chumun, Senior Technical Engineer at Hawco, further added,
“The Panasonic cold chain units dramatically lowered the running costs, alternatives on the market are more expensive – CO2 is currently one tenth of the price per kilo. The Panasonic range does high and low temperatures – competitors aren’t currently able to offer this. In addition, Panasonic offer a five-year warranty on the compressor and two years on parts – all other competitors only offer 12 months.”

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