Did you know that PEPPADEW® is the nation’s favourite pepper brand?* Or that 72% of consumers say they find the presence of known brands a sign of a quality establishment**?

The Piquanté Pepper Tangy, crunchy and with a mild, slightly sweet heat, Peppadew® piquant peppers – small whole peppers, bright red in colour – are the perfect way to bring an added burst of flavour to pasta, pizza, salads and sandwiches.

The Piquanté Peppers are carefully picked and deseeded by hand, then infused with the unmistakeable PEPPADEW® flavour through our secret brine solution to keep their flavour and that satisfying bite. Firm and crunchy pickled peppers with an impeccable balance of sweet and tangy flavours and a perfectly matched mild heat.

They are 100% vegan, with no added preservatives, high in vitamin c and contains antioxidants.

Harness the power of PEPPADEW® Whole Sweet Piquanté Peppers – the nations’ favourite pepper brand!
Available now at Booker, Bidfood and KFF.

If you’re interested in working with us, and want to discover how we can pep up your menu, get in touch with us today:
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*Source: IRI SIG Grocery Olives and Antipasti MAT 18/06/2022
**Source: Independent Toluna Insight with 1,000 UK consumers, March 2022