Perfect Refrigeration Performance, Outstanding Energy Efficiency

German engineered appliances from Liebherr provide exceptional refrigeration and freezing performance for your business.

Ergonomically designed with efficiency in mind, our spacious refrigerators and freezers allow you to store fresh food and ready-to-serve dishes in a well-arranged, easily accessible manner.

Manufactured in Europe using robust, high-quality materials to meet the demands of a busy commercial catering environment.

The fronts, compartments, and containers are all conveniently designed for easy clean- ing making Liebherr appliances ideal for bars, bistros, and restaurants.

Liebherr’s under-worktop appliances for the food industry offer generous storage space while taking up little room.They can easily be integrated below a worktop as a space-saving option and provide a highly appealing presentation platform for drinks etc.The interior lighting, with its own on/off function, further enhances the display of your products for optimal effect.

The beverage industry also requires perfect refrigeration performance. Drinks are deliciously chilled and ready for sale even after a short storage period.The combination of modern refrigeration components, powerful and climate- friendly coolants, and precise control systems ensure low-cost energy efficiency.