P&G Professional: Reduce Energy Without Compromising Results

Against the backdrop of the current energy crisis and impending net zero targets, companies are now more aware than ever as to how much their practices are impacting the environment. Customers are also increasingly conscious of the products businesses use, and how sustainable they are. However, an emphasis on sustainability should not come at the expense of product performance. Businesses need commercial solutions that can save energy and conserve energy without compromising results.

P&G Professional’s trusted brands – including Ariel® Professional, Lenor® Professional, Fairy® Professional, Flash® Professional– are formulated to provide an outstanding clean even with one wash, short cycles and low water temperatures, giving professionals confidence that their business will always shine.

For example, Ariel® Professional is specifically formulated to provide an outstanding clean, even at colder temperatures, meaning businesses can save energy and in turn save money on bills, while still achieving a spotless clean. In fact, making a simple change such as switching temperature from 60°C to 30°C can save up to 60% on washing machine bills!

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*Cost of electricity saved for laundry when washing at 30C vs 60C cycle and for automatic dishwashing when using a short cycle (average 47C) vs. a normal cycle (average 57C). Plus cost of gas saved filling in a 10L bucket of water at 20C vs 50C for surface cleaning and a 45L sink at 20C vs 46C for hand dishwashing. Energy cost saving based on average H1 2022 electricity and gas prices (incl. taxes) for businesses in the United Kingdom source Eurostat (Statistics for European Commission). Based on 4 washes per day (1460 per year) for both hand and automatic dishwashing, 1 wash per day (365 per year) for surface cleaning, and 10 loads per week (520 per year) for laundry.