Physicool UK is helping employers in the Catering sector to address two issues that have emerged as a direct consequence of Covid-19.

If a member of staff wearing traditional paper or cloth facemasks has served you recently, you’ll know that the customer service experience is strange, faceless and nothing like it normally is. Hospitality groups have recognised the importance of ‘service with a smile’ for decades, and it is a great loss in current times.

One solution for employers that may help to address this problem is to use clear plastic masks. You don’t se them around much, as they have only started to become available recently. Physicool supplies a comfortable lightweight clear plastic face mask (more practical than the full face clear visors) that rests gently on the wearer’s chin, allowing staff to engage with customers fully again.




10 x clear plastic masks: £2.50 ea. = £25.00 + VAT

25 x clear plastic masks £2.35: ea. = £58.75 + VAT

50 x clear plastic masks: £2.20 ea. = £110 + VAT

Catering packs are available now at, and selected stockists.

Or by calling 020 7101 1977 to speak to the sales team.