Glana Ltd has developed the Axiene VH01 Clean Touch system to improve hygiene when multiple people touch the same surface. Axiene provides continuous active disinfection on the touch surface to reduce infection transmission risk.

The pioneering level of hygiene protection continually kills more than 99.999% of bacteria, including coronavirus, norovirus, MRSA and E-coli. Unlike shot-per-use dispensers, the innovative design means that Axiene disinfectant lasts longer and so, in addition to improved protection, Axiene also reduces costs.

Independent lab results from trials at a university, an office complex, a primary school and several care homes consistently demonstrated that Axiene significantly surpasses international food & healthcare sector legislation for surface cleanliness. Results show that normal manual cleaning of a door handle can lead to bacteria growth of 24,000 times that found on the Axiene handle.

Continual protection and very low surface contamination makes Axiene a world leading product in offering user protection, improved hand hygiene and infection risk reduction.

Broad spectrum protection is provided by the bespoke and certified Axiene fluid, a formulation approved by the WHO for hand sanitation in the fight against coronavirus. Being water-based, Axiene fluid safely provides ongoing active disinfection on the handle surface and a lingering disinfection on the hands.
Axiene VH01 is based on a standard pull-handle size, is straightforward to fit, can replace existing pull handles and as Axiene requires only simple maintenance, can easily be looked after by existing staff.

As Axiene fluid lasts longer than existing gel dispensers this offers a more sustainable hygiene solution with reduced waste and reduced fluid use and so Axiene makes good hygiene, economic and environmental sense for businesses looking to protect their staff or customers.
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