We’ve all seen a significant increase in demand for plant-based dietary alternatives – and now every good business wants to ensure they can offer a variety of options to suit every need.

Milk alternatives have made a big splash everywhere recently – with oat, almond, rice, pea, hemp, soya, coconut, and potato all being options to traditional dairy. Out of these, oat is widely seen as the most popular in the UK, having overtaken soya in the last few years.

Oats are a natural superfood, rich in vitamins, minerals, and soluble fibre. They are also naturally gluten free – but only when they are completely pure. Most commercial oats are processed in facilities that also process wheat, barley, and rye. This opens them up to cross-contamination, making them unsuitable for consumers who suffer with gluten allergies and intolerances (such as Coeliacs). However, all Glebe Farm Foods oats are milled on a dedicated gluten free farm. This then ensures 100% complete oat purity and no cross-contamination.

Glebe Farm Foods is the leading gluten-free oat grower and manufacturer in Europe – with all oats being grown right here in the UK on an independent family-run Cambridgeshire farm. So, all the oats that go into making their PureOaty oat milk (as well as their porridge oats, oat flour and cereals) have far fewer miles to travel from farm to fork or seed to shelf. Their farm also utilises solar panels and biomass generators for renewable energy, and they have won awards for their excellence in sustainable business practice.

Buying local produce, supporting British farmers, and choosing the companies who care about their carbon footprint are all effective ways to showcase the ethics of your own business – and reflect what modern consumers are looking for. Good choice, good taste, good values!

Visit www.glebefarmfoods.co.uk for details.