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Pontins Gives Mediatheme’s The Entertainer its Seal of Approval

Mediatheme’s The Entertainer system – which provides on-tap entertainment to thousands of UK pubs – has been praised by Pontins. 

Pontins described the system as a ‘highly-efficient asset for any such business’ and said similar businesses should use it too.

 The holiday provider’s Bluecoat Entertainers use the system every day for games, quizzes, videos and karaoke with its 20,000-strong song library.  

Bluecoat Entertainer Louise, who works at Pontins Southport, said: “We would recommend The Entertainer to other similar venues. It has so many different features in one simple unit.” 

Mediatheme’s The Entertainer system allows landlords to take control of entertainment rather than paying third parties to provide discos, quiz nights and casino nights. 

Ian Ball of Mediatheme said: “It is great to be working with a well-known brand like Pontins, and it’s great to see them benefitting from The Entertainer. 

“Mediatheme is very pleased to be getting lots of positive feedback from venues up and down the country.”
 Licensees and leisure venue operators not only achieve considerable improvements in footfall but also benefit from increased advertising revenue. 

To see more on The Entertainer from Mediatheme, visit: https://vimeo.com/287635726/5db815001f

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