PortaBrands: Re-inventing bar and table service after Lockdown – Solutions for safety, service, staff and customer welfare

As the UK emerges from coronavirus lockdown, venues are beginning to announce or plan for re-opening. The biggest challenge is how to maintain social distancing and safety for customers and staff, while still delivering a great experience.

The larger pub chains have announced a range of measures to ensure staff and customer safety, from changing the layout of premises to introducing screens, one-way systems and social distancing and hygiene signage. The use of apps for ordering drinks is being encouraged as it reduces contact with staff, but the problem of safely collecting or delivering multiple drinks remains. The PortaBrands range from Tri-Star Packaging is the solution, enabling the easy and safe carrying of multiple hot or cold beverages while speeding up service, saving space, and converting more sales with fewer trips to and from the bar.

“Our PortaBrands solution creates the opportunity to re-invent bar and table service,” says Tri-Star Packaging Sales Director Lee Richards. “From traditional table service, to outdoor drinks with friends, the UK beverage market is facing its biggest ever change. To minimise waiting times and queues, drinks will need to be served quickly and safely with minimum contact between staff and customers. PortaBrands is a great range of quick-service drink carrier solutions which enables safe multi-drink serving under social distancing guidelines, as an individual can collect drinks for small groups of people.”

PortaTray™, PortaDrink®, PortaClik®, PortaChilla™, and PortaBottle® can be fully branded and printed with additional messages such as social distancing guidelines, how to use a drinks ordering app, or how to recycle them. Sustainability is as important as ever in today’s catering environment and all PortaBrands products are 100% plastic-free and are made in the UK, from FSC® certified paper which is fully recyclable in dry mixed recycling.

All PortaBrands products are safe for direct food contact, are almost waterproof and are available in white/white, white/kraft and kraft/kraft in a range of board weights. They are flat-packed and extremely quick and easy to assemble.

PortaBrands inventor Ian Bates says: “When I created PortaBrands 15 years ago, I could not have imagined how important the concept would become. The main benefit of the range was always convenience and as pubs and arenas re-open, I am proud that the range can now also make a positive contribution to health and safety.”

“Like our other foodservice packaging products, the PortaBrands range is not only convenient, hygienic and fit for purpose, but also easy to store and use, therefore speeding up service – and that’s of huge benefit to a pub or venue working with limited staff,” says Lee Richards. “At this time, it’s important to stress that we’re not just the packaging guys. We supply everything a pub, restaurant or venue needs to operate safely and efficiently – and we have become more of a one-stop shop with an adaptable product range which includes the multi-drinks PortaBrands solution.”

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