Premiumisation is driving the growth in on-trade revenue, marked by the average price of a pint of lager increasing by 46p over the past four years . Consumers are prioritising experiences: going out less but visiting more premium outlets, or choosing more premium drinks with a higher price point. During lockdown periods, 1/5 of consumers were regularly trading up to more premium brands when purchasing in the off-trade and 80% of those claimed they would continue to do so . Recent HEINEKEN consumer sentiment research shows 42% are excited to try new drinks brands and 37% plan to make their on-trade visits more special by choosing more premium drinks and food.

Recent HEINEKEN UK consumer sentiment research shows younger consumers aged between 18-34 year olds are likely to feel more comfortable returning to the pub, so it’s important to stock brands that appeal to them.

Heineken® helps recruit younger drinkers into on-trade outlets as 50% of Heineken® drinkers are aged 18-35 . Driving more value on the bar and with a higher premium price point than other mainstream premium lagers, Heineken® appeals to the younger consumer willing to spend more money per pint , making it the best main- stream premium brand to back in 2021.

Classic lager typically accounts for 54% of all lager consumed in the on-trade, so it’s vital to range recognisable brands that drive maximum value on the bar. Its accessible price point, reassuring familiarity and great refreshment delivers significant, unmatched throughput. Neglecting power-house classic lager brands, such as Foster’s that has been around for generations, can be damaging to both sales and loyalty as you risk reducing the strong through- puts delivered by classic lager.

Outlets are rationalising their classic lager range in favour of sessionable but more premium 4% brands.These beers contribute an extra 48p per pint through the till than classic lager and have grown 2% points in value share over the last four years – driven by Amstel, which outperforms the total premium 4% category. Despite the price premium of this trade up option, it’s important not to remove classic lager altogether unless you operate a super premium outlet.You risk alienating loyal drinkers which could be costly, especially given classic lager accounts for £1 in every £3 spent on draught beer.

Amstel remains the most valuable premium 4% beer on the market and has the highest rate of sale versus all other premium 4% lager brands.Adding a premium 4% lager to your range can result in around a 20% increase in total takings and encourage around 1 in 4 classic lager drinkers to switch brands and trade up.That equates to an extra 50-75p for every pint switched!

Heineken® has the strongest rate of sale in the mainstream premium category and commands the highest price per pint – 13p more than its nearest competitor, meaning it can deliver an extra £3,600 per year in your till . Typically, the mainstream premium 4.5%+ segment is worth about £1 billion , offering that affordable quality choice between classic and premium price points, establishing a clear trade up ladder on your bar and making it a key segment to stock in 2021.