There is no better feeling for a guest than climbing into a nice warm bed and getting snuggled up under the covers.

With the winter months on their way, it’s important to get your rooms ready for when the temperatures plummet. When buying a duvet, you can ensure it will keep your guests warm even on the coldest nights in winter by opting for a higher tog rating. The higher the tog the warmer the duvet will be.

The scale ranges from 1 tog – the coolest to 15 tog – the warmest. For winter, we recommend a 13.5 tog for extra warmth and comfort especially for those who really feel the cold. However, making sure you have the right duvet for the season doesn’t have to mean owning more than one. We know buying multiple duvets isn’t always realistic, so a 10.5 tog is great all-rounder and considered a favourite in the UK for all seasons. Our Blenheim and Hilltop microfibre duvets are available in a 4.5 tog, 10.5, 12 and 13.5 tog with zip and link options.

It’s not only the duvets and the tog rating that help you guests feel warm in the winter. Lying on a high loft mattress topper will give your guests that extra cosy feel when they snuggle up on a cold winter’s night. Our most comfortable mattress toppers include the Clarence combination topper with a fitted skirt available in a 600gsm and 1000 gsm. If you prefer a luxury topper with straps instead of a skirt why not opt for our Windsor topper available in 1000gsm.

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