Price Increases and Co2 Shortages – Why Switching To Beer Line Cleaning Systems  Can Save Publicans A Fortune

By Jeff Singer, Beer Piper (

“Extreme price increases have seen hospitality industry costs soar for energy, stock and fuel, but one price hike that has left brewers and landlords reeling is the 350% increase in the cost of Co2.

“With more price increases in the pipeline – possibly as many as three in the next 12 months due to another shortage of Co2  – brewers and landlords are looking for ways to save money and eliminate or reduce the amount of Co2 they use for manual beer line cleans.

“Manual beer line cleans use approximately half a medium bottle of Co2 per week. After mixing the chemicals themselves, exposing themselves to hazardous ingredients, the majority of publicans use Co2 to push the mixed chemicals out of their pressurised bottles into the lines to clean them. This is usually done out of hours and the mixture requires at least 20 minutes to soak to ensure a good clean.

“With a medium cylinder of Co2 costing around £35, and prices rising all the time, switching to a different method to clean beer lines has never been more appealing.  What’s more, many suppliers have had to limit the amount of Co2 sold to each customer because of global shortages.

“Beer Piper’s high tech beer line cleaning systems do not require the use of Co2 to function, as they contain built-in pumps that push the chemicals through the lines. Soak time is reduced to an average of just five minutes, meaning cleans can be done at any time, and there is no need to be exposed to dangerous chemicals, as the machine mixes the line cleaner with water internally to the exact dilution ratio every time.

“What’s more, the latest BP4 system utilises a “beer save” function that allows landlords and craft tap room managers to actually sell the beer in the lines during the clean process. According to our own data, the average British pub wastes 20 pints a week due to inefficient and manual beer line cleaning – and now that the average price of a pint is £3.95 in the UK (CGA data), with some pubs in London charging as much as £8.00, this can add up to a saving of between £300 – £600 a month for the British boozer. Add that to the savings made on the Co2 cylinders and it becomes a no-brainer to install a beer line cleaning system.

“Crucially for punters, using Beer Piper systems to clean your beer lines also means that all of your keg and cask conditioned pints are always pulled to perfection, boosting customer satisfaction and encouraging returning custom.

“With Brits tightening their purse strings, serving high quality drinks is more critical than ever. As well as wanting value for money, customers will also want a good experience when parting with their money and spending in the hospitality sector. Saving money behind the scenes is a good way to ensure that your customers still benefit from the same great service.

“After a tumultuous two years, to be hit by rising costs across the board as well as rising VAT is resulting in a grim situation for many landlords and pub owners.  As a firm based at the heart of the hospitality sector, we are calling on the government to step in where they can to reduce VAT and also take action against the rising energy bills which are hitting the industry very hard.”
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